Who We Are

Hindustan Power Inc. is a leading organization in solar system integration and provider of assorted solar products like solar water heating system, solar water pumping system, solar street light, solar lantern. With skilled engineers, we are serving the best quality solar panel installation. Our products are certified to meet all the International Standards.

Our main focus is on providing reliable and reasonable energy solutions so that we could move towards a sustainable tomorrow. At Hindustan Power Inc. we design world’s best and affordable solar energy products. We facilitate a platform for solar energy value chain that benefits the entire stakeholders through CAPEX and RESCO mode.

With the latest technology, high quality material and state-of-the-art infrastructure our products provide the best energy solutions for all the investments & consumptions.

Hindustan Power Inc. follows up these three Key Features.


Reducing time & energy, producing desired output


Ability to manage the changing needs & demands


We’re here for you to rely on

Why Solar Power

Solar power systems causes no harm to the nature and hence beneficial for the environment. Moreover, generating electricity using solar energy results in the reduction of greenhouse gases particularly carbon dioxide.

Hindustan Power creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce carbon footprint at home and abroad, reducing greenhouse gases around the globe. Solar is known to have a favourable impact on the environment.

Provides protection against unpredictable high amount of electricity bills and lets you enjoy the cheap electricity. It is designed in such a way that it’s capable of producing enough energy throughout the year.

On-grid or grid-tie solar systems are by far the most common and widely used by homes and businesses. These systems are connected to the public electricity grid and do not require battery storage.

Any solar power that you generate from an on-grid system (which is not used directly in your home) is exported onto the electricity grid and you usually get paid a feed-in-tariff for the energy you export.

Getting paid for the utilising the natural resources is kinda good! Hindustan Power helps you to attain this peak of monetizing the natural resource ‘Sunlight.’

We Specialize in

On Grid Power Plant 93%
Off Grid Power Plant 92%
Hybrid Solar Power Plant 91%

What is our mission?

Highlights & results


Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient energy solutions so that we could move towards a sustainable tomorrow. We want to make a difference in your lives by using the energy which is eco-friendly and benefits the environment as well. With this vision, we came to this industry.

We used our ethics and values to gain the trust of the people. After creating awareness among the common people and companies also we made our unique identity in the industry. Till 2018 we were able to capture the major projects in India


Advancement & Improvement

Staying updated with the latest advancements in the key mantra which keeps us going in the market and that’s why we are able to beat the competitors and stand unique. In the later year, we adopted several new technologies which created better results.

We try to stay updated as much as possible and after completing many projects successfully, we came to know about the pros and cons of the working system. So we are now aiming to provide the best service to our clients so that user-experience remains up to the mark every time.


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