The Powerhouse

Solar energy is a perpetual & renewable energy source. Hindustan Power harnesses this energy for powering your solar energy requirements and to run many other devices.

The Greenhouse Effect

Everyone is contributing to the global warming effect. Why not pause, think and go for a natural source of energy for our day to day needs. Take the first step with Hindustan Power.

Nurture Nature

In every language, nature means mother and we are symbiotically connected. Let us understand this great connecting thread of existence and support it in simple ways.

Solar Panels

When you commit yourself to develop natural resources, you will be surprised to find it will support the local economy, labor and environment with solar panel.

Hindustan Power Inc.

The energy that is sourceable, free and healthy

Unlike traditional power sources such as fossil fuels, solar power will not run-out. It is a renewable free source of energy which is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels that are finite.


Solar Energy is known as an eco-friendly energy resource as it makes easy for people to use the energy without even paying for it. Solar Panels are just a one-time investment which cuts the costs of everyday electricity consumption as well. They are reliable to store energy and hardly affects the environment.

Solar Energy is way better than using the fuels and other resources which affect our environment on a high level and leads to climate change. Climate Change is a rising issue in our world today and opting the solar resources will reduce the carbon footprints, as well as the less use of the fuels, will result in the decrease of the greenhouse gas emission. Solar Energy is natural and we should go for the resources which are good for our nature.

We Cover the Whole Spectrum

We Write about natural energy


All the non-renewable energy will expire one day so it’s better to shift to the resources which are never-ending and will also not cost too much. Solar energy is one of the best options among them.


We proudly announce that after installation of solar panel, we give 5 years of maintenance to the users. Along with this, we have a specific team which also gives training program to the customer for future purpose and maintenance.


Using solar power means reducing energy bills and saving money, solar is a cost-effective investment. Solar creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment.


MW targeted across country (FY2019 - FY2022)


Commercial Installations


Lakh tonne Carbon Dioxide emissions mitigated


Highly dedicated and motivated team strength


With a mission to deliver reliable and affordable energy solution for a better tomorrow, Hindustan Power Inc. is a leading organization in solar system integration and solar panel installation.

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Why Choose Us?

Since we design the solar from the beginning


Considering all the aspects are favourable for our personal as well as overall development. The thing which can give you sustainable savings goes for the long run. Solar plant will do the same work for you. Switching to solar is a great way of easing the strains and burdens on your bank account as it has a profound ability to cut your monthly power bills. One of the major benefits of solar energy is that it’s available in abundance and it can harvest money with every sunrise.


With the latest technology, high-quality material and state-of-the-art infrastructure, our products provide the best solutions for all energy investments and consumptions. The money you are investing should give you the highest return. We help you to make the investment successful. Remote monitoring and analysis of solar panel is done which is highly significant as it reduces time and cost associated with site visits. Solar remote monitoring allows you to monitors the daily generations and all the details description about the system.


Nature is the foremost giver to the world. It gives everything which we cannot pay back to it. Using other non-renewable sources of energy harm the environment so turning to the utilization of the solar energy will keep the environment clean without harming your pocket. Our mission at Hindustan Power Inc is not just about making the earth a greener place, it also about making it a happier place.

Social and environmental consciousness and the idea of positively contributing towards societal well-being are strongly instilled in every member of the Hindustan Powers team.

Reducing Global Warming

We are collectively causing climate change in the globe. Let us be mindful and take steps to neutralize it. Global collectivism cutting across the nations is the need of the hour. Let us save our flora and fauna, let us save ourselves by turning to renewable energy. We are passionate about the continuous welfare of communities through education, healthcare and job creation initiatives.

All roads lead to Hindustan Power

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